In 1928, LAM Group was established with a vision to build a better Hong Kong for generations to come. Over time our group of companies evolved into a general contractor and constructed major roadways and railroad station in Hong Kong, such as Garden Road flyover, CLP power station, MTRC depots, and Lok Ma Chau boundary crossing facility. 

In 1979, LAM Geotechnics was established to provide end-to-end geotechnical services for our customers. By 2019, we are proud to have served our customers for 40 years. We are licensed by the Hong Kong government to contract geotechnical services of any scale, our team of dedicated drillers and engineers were engaged by the government and conglomerates to provide geotechnical services in a large number projects. We have since expanded our services to instrumentation and monitoring as well as environmental monitoring and assessment. Lam Geotechnics has grown into our own entity with over 100 professionals and is one of the leading geotechnical investigation companies in Hong Kong.


We were started in the year of


Lam Soil & Concrete Laboratory Limited is a sister company of Lam Construction Company Limited and was set up to deal with all types of land and marine geotechnical investigation works.

  • 1983

    Lam Soil & Concrete Laboratory Limited changed its name to Lam Geotechnics Limited

  • 1988

    First self-elevating jack-up platform (Lam I) was built from modification of a floating barge.

  • 1991

    Collaborated with MeSy GmbH for carrying out hydrofracture tests in Hong Kong

  • 1994

    Implemented the Total Quality Management System

  • 1996

    Achieved ISO 9001: Quality Management System Standard

  • 2000

    A 4-point anchored drilling barge (Lam VI) with heave compensation system was built & Award of a major instrumentation project at Lok Ma Chau Terminus Building (Lam Construction)

  • 2006

    Achieved ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 & Award of first Marine GI project in Karachi, Pakistan

  • 2011

    Award of a major environmental monitoring project for the Wan Chai Development Phase II and Central-Wan Chai Bypass

  • 2013

    Signing of an Occupational Safety and Health Charter by CEDD, MTRC, Occupational Safety & Health Council, Labour Department, sub-contractors and staff of Lam

  • 2014

    A 20-T cone penetration testing system was built for seabed operation