Location and Project

Multiple development zones off the coast of Taiwan.

Scope of Works

Complete project management and deployment of a 200kN seabed CPT unit on a purpose-built DP2 ship with heave compensated system over a centerline moonpool 40km off the coast of Taiwan.


LAM overcame challenging weather conditions and conducted over 150 nos. of deep seabed CPT test (in excess of 4,000m) in excess of 40m bsb. We conducted a comprehensive survey to acquire deep seabed CPTU data at the WTG locations for wind turbine foundation and cable routing design, and to provide information on the seabed features and the shallow subsurface located along the designated cable corridor, preliminary cable route.


After our first successful deployment, we were immediately requested to re-deploy for the 2nd and 3rd time throughout the year for additional packages in Taiwan. We are highly flexible and successfully completed all our works despite difficult weather and typhoons.

Year of Completion


Ground investigation

Multiple Offshore Wind Farms for International Developers in Taiwan